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What Will Shooting an Arrow Down a Shotgun Do?

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This video from FullMag (the Black Rifle Coffee Company) is an experiment on finding out what will happen if an arrow is fired down the barrel of a shotgun. The channel is known for their outlandish experiments with various weapons and items. The bow used here is from Hoyt, and the shotgun has the FullMag brand on it.

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The archer nocks, draws and lets fly, and the arrow goes straight through the barrel of the shotgun sitting on a table some distance away. In slow motion, the arrow can be seen entering the barrel all the way through, with a bit of recoil. Upon inspection, the arrowhead has blown into petals. On checking the shotgun, it appears that it is still a usable weapon, though the firing pin appears to have contacted some slight damage from the experiment.

According to the Hoyt website, archery is not just a hobby, but a way of life for them. The company is home to people who make the best bows in the world, and are comprised of actual archers, both bow hunters and target archers, so their products are definitely high-quality.

Hoyt, based in Salt Lake City, Utah, has been making bows since 1931, and advances in technologies mean they now employ a wide host of top-notch systems and materials to ensure excellent performance. These include a 5-layer lamination process, an adjustable cable guard system, cam technology, FUSE custom strings, carbon technology, modular grip system, aluminum riser, split-limb technology, perfect balance stabilization system, and so on.

The company offers compound bows, recurve bows, accessories such as quivers, sights, grips, limbs, stabilizers, rests and wrist slings – either for professional target archery or for recreational purposes like bow hunting. The Hoyt website also offers answers to frequently asked questions from both novice and expert archers alike, such as brief explanations on archery language and slang.

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