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Will an Arrow Set Off a .50 Cal Round?

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In another crazy experiment, the guys behind FullMag and Black Rifle Coffee Company decide to test if an arrow can set off a .50 caliber round. The idea apparently came from viewers’ comments on their YouTube channel.

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They place the bullet in the middle of an outdoor range, strapped to a piece of lumber so it doesn’t move. One of the guys sets up with his bow and lets fly. The arrow hits the bullet dead on, sending it flying forward. In slow motion, the arrow can be seen moving towards the butt of the bullet, hitting it and causing a small explosion that propels the bullet forward. The arrowhead is obviously smashed, but it keeps flying on.

When they go to examine the bullet, the primer is gone but the round itself didn’t go off and shows no considerable damage. On close up inspection, the bullet has a hole right in the middle of it, which means the archer’s aim was incredibly accurate – a big feat, considering how small the target was and how far away it was. The last time they tried it, the other guy says he only nicked the side of the bullet and caused the primer to ignite on the way out, but this is much more impressive.

A .50 caliber round, or a .50 BMG (Browning Machine Gun) is a cartridge that was developed for the Browning .50 caliber machine gun in the late 1910s, based on the .30-06 cartridge but very much upgraded. It entered military service officially in 1921. Since then, it has been made in many variations, across multiple generations. The rounds are meant for use in machine guns with metallic links. The cartridge is also used in sniper rifles and long-range target weapons. .50 caliber rounds are now produced commercially with so many different bullets, according to various specifications.

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