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1000 rounds in 14 minutes – Arex Rex Zero 1

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The guys from the Military Arms Channel said that they were impressed with the Arex Rex Zero 1 pistol from K-Var, which they had extensively tested before, that they decided to do an experiment on how the gun would perform when firing 1000 rounds. This video shows them loading and firing as fast as they can, in what they’ve dubbed the “1000 round Arex Rex Zero 1 endurance test.”

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The Rex is the only pistol that passed their elemental test and their gauntlet test. They’re using Fiocchi 124gr ball rounds for the experiment. The gun has been cleaned and rubbed with Battle Born grease to test how the grease will work with 1000 rounds fired. There are 22 magazines, each with 17 rounds, and some guys are on standby to load the empty magazines as fast as they can.

He stands by some empty barrels where the magazines are laid out. The target has a mat underneath to catch the spent brass. He has gloves on as the gun will really hot. He starts firing, and loading the magazines. The empty ones are quickly taken away to be reloaded. He says it’s starting to wear his trigger finger out, and that the trigger is starting to feel heavy.

When he gets to around 440 shots fired, he says he can actually see a mirage when he looks at the sights, meaning the gun is already hot. 560 shots in, and he says the gun is still working great, so far. There have been no malfunctions, and shooting has been steady and continuous. After 600 rounds, he says his hands are begging for mercy, but he carries on.

At around 700 rounds, he says he’s already given up even trying to aim already. He can’t even hold on to a magazine from hand fatigue, as he drops an empty one. It takes him around 15 minutes to complete all 1000 shots, and there was not a single problem and the ejection pattern was consistent. They had a sheet ready to take down notes, and it remained blank.

The gun got so hot and it came to 200 degrees at the top. He disassembles the gun and wipes it down to check on the wear, and the grease is still on the gun, and there was only minimal wear showing – an overall impressive showing for the Rex Zero 1.


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