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How to Paint with Guns! – DIY Splatter Paint Canvas

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This video from Green Light Shooting is a fun take on art, putting a twist on the usual finger-painting methods. Chris is outdoors among what appear to be sand dunes, holding four 16 by 14-inch canvasses. A wooden frame holds several balloons filled with paint, under which he’ll place the canvasses.

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He gives a step-by-step on how to fill the balloons. First, fill an empty plastic bottle with paint. Fit the nozzle of the bottles onto the end of each balloon and pour some paint in. Inflate the balloon, taking care not to inhale. Tie off the ends and they’re ready.

All that needs to be done is shoot the balloons. When the bullets hit, the paint splatters out and down onto the waiting canvasses, creating a Jackson Pollock-like piece of different colors, albeit with pieces of balloon all over them. Clean the paintings up a little and when they’re hung on a wall, they create a nice, abstract effect. Naturally, the more balloons and the more colors there are, the more vivid the results will be.

Incidentally, the same thing can be achieved by tacking paint-filled balloons to large pieces of canvas, or over a canvas, then using darts to pop the balloons. However, the paint streams down more than splashes with this technique, so the effect is more of a waterfall. Using a gun blasts the paint in different directions, so the splatter look is easily achieved.

For those who don’t have guns, simply place a canvas on the ground or on an easel, dip a large paintbrush in some paint and use sweeping motions to dash the paint onto the canvas. Broader movements create long streaks, while shorter motions create splotches and drips. Different brush sizes will also yield different textures and shapes. Just keep splashing various colors and layers onto the canvas until the desired effect is complete.

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