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What will happen if you shoot charged 3,500 PSI air tanks?

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This experiment from 22plinkster involves some 3,500 PSI air tanks. He begins the video by saying that it’s time for “a little redneck science,” and points to the three air tanks he has hanging from a wooden beam measuring 2 by 6. These tanks are used to fill up paintball or airsoft guns, and carry a lot of pressure.

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The tanks he has are filled with between 3,000 and 3,500 PSI, and cost around $400 a piece. The ones he has are faulty – one has a leaking valve, for example, so he wants to get rid of them. He will be shooting the 45 Texan air gun, and he has 350 grain hard-cast slugs. He’ll be firing from 60-70 yards, which is a good, safe distance. The tanks are tethered to the beam so they hopefully don’t go off flying.

He sets up the gun, and asks viewers to guess in the comments how many of the tanks will the slugs be able to blow through. He fires, and the slugs hit the tanks, banging them together. The Texan delivers 500 feet pounds of energy, but it was not enough to even dent the tanks severely.

He proceeds to 308 full metal jackets, and fires. The tanks are hit, and two of them can be seen blasting off the beam and flying every which way. One remains tethered. In slow motion, the tanks can clearly be seen being propelled away by pressure, spinning quickly in all directions as air leaves the tanks. Debris flies everywhere, too and the beam can be seen bending under the weight and pressure.

22plinkster is pleasantly surprised, and says the ground shook when he hit the tanks. The bullet went all the way through one tank, and into the second, lodging inside. He shakes the tank to show that fragments are rattling inside the second tank. The third, which would likely be the one with the leaky valve, remains unscathed.

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