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In this video, Larry of Vickers Tactical shows off a very special handgun – a Soviet-era designed PSM. This handgun is extremely rare in the U.S. The particular PSM handgun in this video is was created by Izhmash (now known as Kalashnikov Concern) in 1985.

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The PSM handgun was originally designed in the 1960s, but was only put into production in the 1980s. It is essentially designed for high-ranking officials and military officers. It has somewhat of a mythical reputation, partially because of how thin it is, but primarily because of its 5.45×18 bottleneck cartridge that can penetrate soft body armor.

Design wise, the PSM handgun is reminiscent of the Makarov, Walther PP or Walther PPK pistols of the pre-World War II era.

The PSM is a really simple gun to disassemble. After making sure it’s clear, Larry pulls the trigger guard down and then pulls the slide all the way to the rear. He then reverses the process to put the handgun back together. He notes that the only safety on the PSM handgun is the decocker.

Larry mentions that he did a little bit of research when he got the PSM handgun to see exactly how it entered the U.S., because the PSM model does not meet ATF import regulations. He found out that the very few PSM handguns that have made it into the U.S. come over in the hands of Russian dignitaries or in diplomatic pouches of generals and other high-ranking officials when they visit the country.

After firing off the bullets of one magazine, Larry mentions that the recoil isn’t too bad, but he does say the PSM can sting because of how thin it is. He loads another magazine. He notes that shooters should be careful that the top bullet of the magazine isn’t in a nosedive position before locking it in. He shoots all the rounds and concludes the video by saying that the PSM’s accuracy is efficient.



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