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Battlefield 1 In Real Life? Huh?

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In this episode of Demolition Ranch, Matt and Operator Drewski have something special planned. They begin by saying that they have a new AR-15 round – an armor-piercing, incendiary, dragon’s breath round, which they’ll be firing at a boulder to see what will happen.

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Operator Drewski wades into the creek, fires, and the recoil kicks him back to fall into the water. Then in a simulated story-telling that’s supposed to be Battlefield 1 in real life, they awake to find themselves back in time (and in full costume). Matt and two companions fire their guns and run upstream, while a drone captures the action from overhead.

The three basically run and race through the woods and water, firing at invisible enemies while a camera follows the action with over-the-shoulder-shots, like in a game. At one point, Matt falls down in a mock-death. There’s even a galloping horse involved (which supposedly kills Matt, who remains fairly talkative for a person on his deathbed).

Operator Drewski, who is a medic in this scenario, tries to revive Matt with some items, including a pair of crutches and a syringe. He jabs Matt, who jumps up and they continue shooting in the woods. They have special effects too, as an enemy shoots at them from across the woods, throwing bits and pieces of bark and wood on them. Matt throws a grenade over to deflect them, and the screen goes dark.

The video cuts to Matt, in his normal t-shirt and cap, calling Drewski’s name and trying to revive him. Matt hauls him out of the creek, and he insists that “the Germans” are still around before running off. Matt says he’s off to find him, and the whole thing ends with a montage of slow-motion shots of their real-life role-playing shenanigans, complete with dramatic music and a thank-you from Demolition Ranch for those who helped make the video.


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