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Bloody Shotgun Fail (Or Why Protective Gear Is Needed When Using Firearms)

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The video is a short clip of a man firing a handgun with just one hand. As he fires it, the gun’s recoil sends it flying backwards forcefully, and right into the man’s face. The man reacts with sounds of pain, and he is shown to have a bloody forehead – the gun had hit him on the forehead, creating a wide gash over his right brow that dripped enough blood they needed to get him a rag. It also looked like the wound was going to need some stitches.

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As the video is captioned, “This is why you need to wear protective gear while shooting.”

Professionals and gun enthusiasts who know what they’re doing always keep this in mind, as those gun demonstrations that proliferate on YouTube and other gun websites show their narrators to be wearing proper gear. They are, out of everyone else, the most aware of the risks that come with owning and using firearms.

There is no lack of accidental shootings in America. In fact, there are too many. You only have to look at the most publicized case of the nine-year-old girl who accidentally shot her firing instructor with a .22 long rifle while he was teaching her. The man had to be airlifted to a hospital, and he later died from his wounds.

There have been many similar reported incidents involving accidental shootings, and a lot of the mistakes come from two things: negligence and ignorance. Plenty of gun shooting fails that are shown come from recoil, where amateurs or first-time shooters use a gun, and like the man in the video, end up hurting themselves from recoil.

Aside from the dearth of gun accessories available on the market, there is a multitude of safety equipment to go with them. There are goggles, earplugs, gloves, even sheaths for suppressors that get too hot to touch – all it takes is a bit of common sense and a few seconds to protect yourself; these are weapons, all things considered.

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