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The Chiappa 1887 T-Series Shotgun

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Alex at TFB TV presents the Chiappa 1887 T-Series Shotgun in this video. In the first few seconds, he demonstrates firing and loading, where he runs into a little trouble as the gun jams after a few shots.

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When John Browning was asked to design a lever-action repeating shotgun for Winchester in 1887, he told the company that a pump action would be better than a lever design, as lever action shotguns were not popular for a long period of time. However employer trumped employee and thus the 1887 was born. Browning was right, if the numbers are any indication. The moral of the story is that when John Browning says something about gun design, you listen to John Browning.

The Chiappa 1887 T-Series is impractical, but fun to shoot. Based on the Winchester 1887 action, the T-series holds five plus one shells, two and three-quarter 12-gauge. It has a rubber handguard and grip, but he wrapped paracord around the handle to make cycling a bit easier. There’s a lot of heavy metal moving on inside the gun, as opposed to a small-bore rifle. Running a few boxes without the paracord was not comfortable.

When you pull the lever of the gun down, it’s almost as if the gun is its own cutaway and you can see the action, which is pretty cool. You can also de-cock the gun using your thumb and placing it on a grooved section in the hammer. It does have a tube magazine, but it doesn’t have a loading gate. It has a cartridge elevator, like any semi-automatic, although you have to give the lever a wallop to activate it, which Alex found problematic.

To load it, you push the cartridge elevator down and push the shells in through the top. This is tricky, because a simple mistake can tip the retaining lever, which ejects all the shells out the back.

The T-Series is a non-NFA reproduction of the 1887 shotgun and in this video we do a bit of shooting with it. This shotgun was made famous by the Terminator movies and videos games such as Call of Duty.

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