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Colt Canada SA20 aka. C7 Rifle Review

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In this video from TFB TV, Edward shows viewers the 25th Anniversary Edition of Colt Canada’s SA20, the civilian version of the C7 rifle used by the Canadian Forces. They also have a guest, Wally F, a Canadian Forces infantryman, to weigh in on things.

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Colt Canada makes all the rifles for the Canadian Forces. This is the semi-automatic variant, and the company made about 500 of these. It weighs seven pounds, three ounces, with a six pound trigger pull. It has a full, 20-inch heavy barrel, A-frame sight, polymer handguard, polymer stock – all assembled in Canada.

Part of the modernized C7 is an ambidextrous set-up, which also applies here. It looks very similar to the US GI. There are some key differences between this SA20 and the C7, which Wally discusses.

Wally has been shooting the C7 for around nine and a half years. He says the SA20’s furniture is all black, compared to the C7’s green. It’s worth noting that the green furniture is available though, for those who want to switch things up. There’s no full auto for the civilian version, and there’s no ambidextrous magazine release either. On the butt of the pistol grip of the issued models, there is a compartment for battery storage.

An improvement on the SA20, Wally says, is the butt plate sling mount, which are triangular, which is good for aftermarket slings. There’s also an improved sight on it with the Colt Canada logo on it, as a collector’s edition kind of mark. The SA20 has a little piece of rubber that’s wedged in the back, just behind the rear takedown pin, which is supposed to create a bit of tension between the receivers to keep them tight so there’s no loosening over time.

The bolts are better on the SA20, with an enhanced extractor spring, which enhances reliability when ejecting rounds. There’s a pseudo-semi-auto bolt on it, too and an upgraded receiver (IUR). The one on Wally’s is 10.2 inches, instead of the longer 15.7 one.

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