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In this video, 22plinkster talks about the FX Wildcat – the first air gun ever on his channel. He says since he was going to do an air gun video, he might as well pick the cream of the crop. He says he didn’t use to be a big air gun guy, but he met people at Airgun Depot, who had this particular rifle. They convinced him to try some out, and he says he’s glad he did.

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Shooting an air gun is a science, he says, different from shooting a rimfire, where he can sight in his 22 at 40-45 yards and be almost dead-on with the crosshair hold. With air guns, it’s a lot like bow hunting. He was thoroughly impressed by how accurate the rifle was at the range, including the ease of controls.

He says he’s no expert by far, but he will give viewers a few details on the FX Wildcat. It’s a bullpup design, with a short barrel, and is a repeater. It takes an 8-shot magazine, has an air reservoir underneath, and it can give around 30-40 shots per one fill-up. What makes this air gun so accurate is that typically, the rifling on a barrel starts from the front, but this one is a smooth bore all the way through, like a shotgun.

The FX has a walnut stock, and this is great for maneuvering because of its compact size, making them ideal for hunting. A lot of the weight is in the rear, so it’s stable and balanced. The trigger is amazing, around 2 pounds, and it breaks unbelievably clean. It’s also very quiet, and it can be made even quieter by screwing on baffles.

He has a target, and he tries the air gun out on it to see what kind of grouping he can get. He hits the same hole every time, and he says 80% of his rifles are not that accurate. He moves from 50 to 100 yards, with the same results. He also mentions his Hawke scope that makes ranging the targets easier, and that he’s very impressed with the whole set-up.

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