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Galil ACE 800+ Round Rifle Review. The Best AK Ever?

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This video by TFB TV features the IWI Galil ACE by IWI. It is the successor to the classic Israeli AK variant that was itself an upgraded Kalashnikov and is still used around the world. The reviewer tries to answer the following questions: Is this new design worthy of the name Galil, a rifle that the people at TFB love? Why the update? Why even bother resurrecting an old design? Can it redeem the good name of IWI after the Tavor, Uzi Pro, and X95?

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The answers to some of the questions are a bit strange. 7.62/39 is a popular caliber around the world and tons of nations are set up to product it. However, there aren’t that many firearms that use it aside from AKMs. The Fins have the Sako Rk 95 Tp but that isn’t even in production anymore. So IWI answered the call and introduced the ACE, an improvement over the old Galils in many ways, that is now available in 7.62/39, making it appealing to other nations.

It has a set of great sights. The rear has settings for 300 and 500 meters, and can be removed. The muzzle device resembles a simple A2 Birdcage. Its stock is user-adjustable. It can be folded for ease of storage. Safety can be operated on either side, but on the left side, it has a switch like the classics. The elimination of the dust-cover safety results in a more well-sealed system. The charging handle is on the left side as well, which is brilliant. And the sliding dust cover resembles one found on M249 FNs or on the old micro Galils. The forend comes with a rail system to add whatever the user desires and the pistol grip features a storage compartment.

Overall, the value is there. Although it is expensive, it’s the best AK variant money can buy. It has all the features of not just a good AK, but of a good semiautomatic rifle.

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