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Girl Shooting From Helicopter & Shooting Moving Targets

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In this video, Kirsten Joy Weiss decided to humor her viewers’ request to have her shoot a moving target.

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For her first stunt, her firepower is a PWS MK 116.223. At a distance of 50 yards, her mission is to disable a toy truck. She has to make a shot with the angle of fire at 23 degrees. It takes her five shots to get the job done. Next, she tries something a little more challenging: shooting a flying toy helicopter. This time, her firepower is a Benelli M4. She takes down the helicopter with just one shot.

For her third and last stunt, she takes the challenge to a whole new level. Her firepower is an FN Scar 16. Her final mission is to detonate a car rigged with a small strike plate. The angle of fire is at 45 degrees and the distance from the target is more than 150 yards. It takes her just two shots to blow up the car.

Kirsten displays good control and accuracy when shooting moving targets. To shoot a moving target, a couple of things must be considered to be able to hit the target as shown in the video:

First, the shooter must be standing on solid ground, feet placed properly. Then, the shooter can raise the gun to his or her face and eye and point it at the place in the arc of the target where the shot can be taken. The eye should be looking across the muzzle at the point in the arc of the target where the target will first appear.

When the target appears, the shooter must twist from the ankles and knees, following the path of the target with the muzzle of the gun. As the stock strikes the shoulder and face, the swing will have made the muzzle catch up with the target. The shooter should then swing on by to gain the right lead, until it’s time to pull the trigger.

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