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Glock VS Springfield XD

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The video is a comparison on Glock versus Springfield as the choice of handguns – a pretty controversial choice. They begin by saying that the Springfield XD is a bit pricier, but does have more features compared to the Glock. They admit that they are Glock fanboys, but that they appreciate the XD too.

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The XD started out as import Croatian pistols and for a long time, no one really paid any notice to them. They were nicknamed “Croakers” for Croatia and were imported in large numbers. Springfield decided to buy them, put their name on it and immediately, the price for the guns went up. They are good quality pistols and when Springfield put their name on it, it just added to the shine.

Everyone knows the story of Glock. Gaston Glock designed the Glock 17 for the Austrian army, and they fired the gun thousands of times without malfunctions, becoming the first army to adapt the Glock. There are 4 or 5 factories in the country, coming in 1985. There is virtually no possibility of a gun malfunctioning, it’s usually the aftermarket magazines or ammunition that causes a failure.

In an old article titled “Clash of the Titans” by Chuck Taylor, he compared the Glock 17 and the XD, taking both out to shoot thousands of rounds. At the time, the XD had just come out. They admit that the XD points better, has a grip safety and the conclusion was that if the XD lasts as long as a Glock, it is superior.

The XD, they say, is a better-made gun, design and manufacturing-wise. Both guns have pretty similar features and characteristics. The XD has a better trigger as well and is better for drawing because of its safety features, but the Glock is very hardy and has proven itself over the past decades.

Glock is the only company that makes true high-capacity magazines for their own guns. You can leave the magazines loaded for years and they’re still be serviceable, and will fit all the Glocks. This is one advantage Glock has, plus there are many aftermarket magazines. The XD has more expensive and difficult to find magazines, and has only 18 rounds.

Glocks are also easy to carry and disassemble – with just one tool in a few minutes – and will work in any rough or survival situation. They are low-maintenance and don’t need to be “babied,” being incredibly tough.

In order to choose between the two, consider your preferences and shooting needs.

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