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H&K M320 Grenade Launcher – Awesome Slow Motion Footage

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Larry of Vickers Tactical is once again in Fort Bragg, outside of Fayetteville, North Carolina with the Bravo 18 Committee. It’s Heavy Weapons Day and soldiers are practicing at the Range 44: Anti-Tank Range. Larry has tested some grenade launchers at the same location in other videos. This one features the H&K M320 Grenade Launcher.

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A senior instructor on heavy weapons talks to Larry about the trainees and the M320. The purpose of the heavy arms training is for the soldiers to see how an anti-tank range is run. They have an assortment of grenade launchers they are to practice on. They have been taught the technical data, and this is application for real-life situations for when they get deployed to their respective units.

The range is primarily for anti-tank rockets, so the ammunition is low-velocity grenades. Several tanks can be seen in the distance, serving as targets. There are 6-10 classes a year, with a rotation every 2 months.

The M320 40mm is a low-velocity, shoulder-fired grenade system. It is one of the newer systems the US Army has, and one of its best features is that it has dual capabilities as a rifle or as a standalone system, so shooters can choose if they want to use it with a rifle or on its own.

The M320 appears to have the best of both the M79 and the 203 combined. A newer medium velocity model is in the works, which should add more range to these already high-performing models. For standalone use, just pop out the handle, use the day iron sight, get a range estimate, apply, rotate the sight and then engage the targets.

Larry was able to test the M320, and he calls it a fantastic grenade launcher. Used in special ops and NATO and Allied forces as well as in the regular army, this is a powerful weapon to have.

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