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New Galil ACE 308 accuracy test and some 1903A3 fun!

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The Military Arms Channel presents the new IWI Galil ACE in .308 or 7.62 NATO, which uses PMAG’s or Lancer mags. In this video, there’s some practice shooting with the 1903A3 Springfield with iron sights, too. He picked up the Springfield from his local gun shop, with a new 2015 barrel and walnut stock as it has been refurbished.

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He says he’s anxious to find out if this gun shoots well or not. He has it set up with a riser, which came with the gun, and all the appropriate accessories, including a scope. He wants to find out how well the gun shoots with a heavy optic on it, because it shoots well with iron sights.

He discusses the ammunition he’ll be using before he starts, which include Prime Ammunition, Federal Premium, and ZQI. He’ll only be shooting three-round groups today.

He starts shooting, and comes up with some pretty decent groupings. The two-chambered muzzle break on the Galil ACE is highly effective, as the gun has almost no perceived recoil. In slow motion, the video shows that ejection is somewhat erratic, creasing the case because it hits the cover as it comes out. The gun also shoots really flat, and there’s not a whole lot of flex as would normally be expected from an AK. This could be because the whole receiver is all machine steel, and the only polymer is the pistol grip and the magazine housing.

All this adds up to a very pleasant 308 battle rifle experience. He does some magazine tests, as well. Then he proceeds to shoot the 1903A3 Springfield, which he has set up with sights for 500 yards. It shoots pretty well, recoil is very manageable and the iron sights are set up for precision, so they are accurate and high-performing. He mentions that the Marines really liked this gun, and held on to it even after they were replaced in World War II.


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