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Polish P83 Wanad 9×18 Pistol

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The Military Arms Channel presents the Polish P-83 pistol, which replaced the P-64 in military service. It was widely used by law enforcement and the military until it was replaced. It presents a great value among 9×18 pistols, and is an alternative to the Makarov pistol.

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The P-83 looks very much like a Russian Makarov, but despite the similarities, there are many differences. He runs through some of those differences. The handgun has a 3.5-inch barrel, weighs only 26 ounces and has an overall length of 6.5 inches. Its grips are synthetic, sights are notch/blade, and it fires a total of nine rounds. The double/single action gun comes in a leather flap holster with a pull tab to open, with a pocket for a spare magazine and a cleaning rod inside that comes with a pouch.

This is a good caliber for self-defense, and is more powerful than a 380, though not quite as powerful as a 9mm. The P-83 magazine has a bump on the lower half to keep it from being inserted into a Makarov, but the Makarov can fit in the P-83, though it won’t fire the rounds.

The P-83 has a peculiar-looking hammer, which can give a hammer bite for others. It’s hard to pick up sights in low light, and there don’t seem to be aftermarket sights available. It has a hammer-drop safety, a slide lock on last round fired, the slide serrations are fairly shallow, and there is a long extractor on the slide. The ergonomics are European, the recoil impulse is abrupt but the gun stays flat when you shoot it, and the magazine release is flat-heel in the European style. He also demonstrates how to cock for firing.

The double action is heavy and smooth, not as heavy as others he’s shot before. The single action has a light release, not much on the reset, and decent trigger pull – not horrible, but something shooters can work with. The gun is also thin, making it a comfortable concealed carry option.

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