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Sharp Shooting: Splitting A Playing Card Through A Spinning Bike Wheel – Wheel of Misfortune

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In this video, 22plinkster once again shows off his incredible sharp-shooting skills with a crazy idea: splitting a playing card that’s tucked into a spinning bike wheel, what he calls the “wheel of misfortune.” He says it’s been a while since he split a playing card – there are other trick shots on his channel which show this – so he’s decided to try another card trick.

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He gives a quick explanation of what he’ll be doing. He has a ten-speed bicycle wheel, and he’s going to tape a playing card on the side of it. He thought at first that he’d be shooting through the spokes of a bicycle to split a playing card, and he shows the footage from that experiment.

He cranks the pedals on an upturned bicycle, walks off and fires through the spoke, hitting a playing card set up behind it with seemingly little effort. He says it took him two out of three shots to get it, and while it was good, he didn’t think that experiment had the “wow” factor that most viewers have come to expect from his channel.

But, he says, this is a much more difficult shot. He’ll be aiming at the edge of the playing card, trying to get a 22 bullet to split it. He has the ace of clubs on the wheel, facing sideways. He spins it, and walks away, aims and takes a minute to sight, before firing. The shot is shown in slow motion, with the card spinning on the wheel, before the bullet grazes it and shears off its top.

22plinkster goes over to the wheel to check, and shows the card onscreen, saying it is a successful split. He has plenty of other awesome trick shots, experiments and sharp-shooting videos on his channel, so those who want to see him in action should definitely check it out.

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