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Six Times the Boom!!! The Milkor M32A1 Grenade Launcher

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This video from Vickers Tactical talks about the Milkor M32A1 Grenade Launcher. Larry is at Fort Bragg with the Special Forces 18 Bravo Committee who is undergoing heavy weapons training. They are at Range 44, the anti-tank range.

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He has with him Sergeant First-Class Bill, who is the senior instructor for the heavy weapons training. Bill introduces the M32A1, which Larry says he has not personally used. Bill says Larry’s in luck as he’ll get the chance to shoot it.

The M32A1 is a 40mm semi-automatic, revolving action, multi-shot grenade launcher used by everybody from Rangers to Green Berets to SEALs. It’s a six-shot, rotating cylinder grenade launcher – like a revolver but with a bigger boom, one you can put rounds out accurately from. Bill says you can cover an area five meters wide and fifteen meters deep with all six shots. It comes incorporated with a day and night sight optic, graduated in 25 meter increments, so small adjustments are easy.

Larry says you have to adjust the optic, set it when you get to the range and Bill says what happens is you do your own range estimate, go ahead and index, rotate the barrel until your sight is on your target and you’re going to launch the rounds out. The grenade launchers are easy to operate, but one downside is that you have to manually activate the cylinder. So you’re going to release your rear assembly attachment, pop the backside open, reach in and manually rotate the cylinder to activate the spring tension. So when you begin to fire, it will rotate to the next chamber automatically. Load the cylinder, close it while keeping it pointed downrange, apply the range estimate, sight and you’re ready to fire.

The stock is adjustable for closer ranges, instead of having to arch your back just shorten it. For longer ranges, go ahead and activate the stock. Another plus is the speed with which the spent casings can be ejected, so the same latch used to open up the rear is just pushed in to eject the spent casings.

Bill says the M23A1s started getting fielded in 2009 in Afghanistan. He says it’s a great system, even if it is a bit bulkier. Larry then tries his hand at firing it, and a slow motion clip is shown of the projectile leaving the launcher.

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