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Streamlight TLR-1S Tactical Light

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With the increasing availability of guns for civilian use and the advancements in weaponry, the number of high-tech accessories and customizations has also increased. Now, there are any number of fancy gadgets and replaceable parts that gun owners can avail of to enhance and finesse the overall shooting experience.

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Tactical lights are one of these additions that can make a gun that much better. A tactical light is basically a small flashlight that is either built into a gun, can be attached separately or hand-held by the shooter. The purpose of a tactical light is to help gunmen in identifying threats in low or little light, allowing the shooter to properly aim and illuminate the target. Tactical lights also serve as a non-lethal method of disarming a target, as the light temporarily blinds and disorients.

Features commonly associated with tactical lights are shock resistance, reliability, lightweight, high light intensity and powerful batteries. Some tactical lights may also have filters that produce colored lights, while others may only emit infrared for night vision purposes. The colored lights are meant for different uses, like red for ensuring night vision because they have minimal impact on the eyes and a blue light for detecting blood. Higher-end models may also include sighting lasers for accuracy.

Handheld lights are typically used in conjunction with handguns, as rifles, submachine guns and shotguns require both hands when handled. Any powerful flashlight can do the job, but weapons manufacturers sell lights designed specifically for tactical uses. Weapon-mounted tactical lights are a general preference as they allow for a hands-free experience so the shooter can use both hands when firing.

Some gun models have specifications for tactical lights, incorporating things such as Picatinny rail systems, clamps and similar systems. For civilian gun owners, tactical lights are often an add-on to make shooting better.

At the time of this publication, Amazon has the Streamlight TLR-1S Tactical Light for around $105.00 (aff link).

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