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Tandemkross Halo ring for SW22 Victory

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The video takes a quick look at Tandemkross’ Halo Charging Ring for the new Smith & Wesson SW22 Victory, the latest offering from S&W that has, as early as now, been getting excellent reviews. Tandemkross, according to the channel, makes some really great performance parts for guns.

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He says Tandemkross sent the new accessory over, and it is attached to the rear of the Victory, which he says they make for the Browning Buckmark as well as the Ruger Mark series pistols. He says this is new for S&W, so he’ll show viewers how easy it is to use and how it works.

He then fires a few rounds at the range. The Halo Ring is made of lightweight aluminum, and comes in black as well as matte silver. It does not affect reliability whatsoever because it is lightweight. His “assistant” uses the Halo Ring and fires the Victory a few times. She says it’s quite easy to use.

He says he wants to see if his kids can use the gun without the ring. His son, who looks to be around 10 years old, holds the empty gun to show how difficult it can be for weaker hands to slide the Victory. The kid tries to slide, but the tough recoil spring won’t let it. He then hands the gun to his daughter, who looks around five years old, and she can’t move the slide either. With the Halo Ring however, both kids are able to easily pull the slide.

Installation of the Halo Ring is easy. Make sure the gun is empty, and just place the back of the ring on the back of the bolt, and make sure it is not making contact with the slide. Tighten it down, make sure it’s locked in place and it is ready to roll.

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