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H2P Electronic Hearing Plugs by AxilPro

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The video is a quick review on hearing plugs. He starts by explaining that hearing is vital for shooters, and protecting your ears while shooting is a definite must. Once ears have been damaged, there’s no return.

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He shows the H2P Electronic Hearing Plugs by AxilPro, which not only protect your hearing and allow for normal conversation, but also amplifies your hearing up to six times the normal sound. He demonstrates by placing the earplugs in, and going through several rounds of shooting while wearing them. Clips of him firing various weapons at various targets are shown – all while wearing the earplugs.

A brand new AxilPro product, which makes a number of advanced hearing protection products, this will be out by November 2016 and are raising funding towards the goal. Plugs are compact and handy, and earmuffs offer a wider coverage. But earmuffs can be troublesome when resting a rifle on your cheek, which is why he prefers ear plugs. He says this is the best of both worlds.

He opens a brand-new box, which contains the setup. The electronic plugs amplify sound and are adjustable. A carrying case, manual and different style plugs, a cleaning brush and batteries come in the box. The plugs come in different sizes for all kinds of ears, and there is an add-on for more security, where you can loop them over your ears.

Gunfire is definitely one of the loudest noises, and these plugs can be worn at concerts or when around noisy machinery. The great thing about these earplugs is that you can still hear normal conversation, but they shut down when a certain decibel is reached. He demonstrates how to put the batteries in, put the earbuds onto the plugs. The silicone ones have a 24-26 decibel reduction while the foam plugs offer 30 decibels less. The hearing protection should be turned off after use, and a squealing noise means they are still on.

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