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Maxpedition Wolfspur: Bomb Proof EDC Bag

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In this episode of The Late Boy Scout, they take a look at the new Wolfspur shoulder bag from the new Advanced Gear Research (AGR) line of Maxpedition. Overall, the bag has some pretty cool improvements and features compared to the standard Maxpedition gear.

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The Wolfspur is available in three different colors: black, tan, and gray. The main compartment is fairly spacious at about 10 inches wide at the top, 6.5 inches at the bottom, 4 inches wide altogether, and 11 inches deep, just the right size for a camera. An iPad mini and a full-sized iPad can fit in its rear pocket comfortably. There is also a mesh pocket that was created for Maxpedition in particular, as well as a little pouch and some dividers.

The top compartment is a hard-shelled container, which is good for keeping glasses and/or a cellphone. The bottom pouch is a bit hard to get to, but is handy for organizing various small items.

On the side, there’s a secure water bottle holder and at the back, a waist belt that can be adjusted as needed. Also on the back, there is some great mesh panelling and air channeling material. Maxpedition opted for a minimalist bag handle with an innovative design and used seatbelt material for the actual shoulder strap, which means it’s soft and durable. There have been reports that the zippers on the bag are unusually stiff. However, after a couple weeks’ use, they will be broken into for a comfortable yet firm pull.

The bag also has a firearms concealment compartment incorporated into it. It’s right behind the main compartment. It’s a great way to carry a firearm since there is a lot of extra space. It could easily hold a Glock 17, a full-sized Smith & Wesson, and just about any handgun. There is an option to buy a piece that would act as a concealment holster that you can position however you want.

In conclusion, the bag is great for everyday carry (EDC). It’s something that person who likes to be prepared would appreciate.

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