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10 Items a New Prepper Needs

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Black Scout Survival talks about the 10 basic items a new prepper needs to put together for a survival situation. This means people who are just getting into survival preparedness or those who don’t really know what to look for. This is a list that puts together the most essential items you should have to outlast any kind of disaster where immediate aid is not available.

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These items are for sheltering in place, not the wilderness kind of survival.

Medical trauma kit – not just a small first-aid kit, but one that is basically an ER in a bag, so that it can be helpful for bigger emergencies like broken bones, asthma attacks, burns and so on, until an ambulance or medical personnel can come to help. [Amazon has a bunch of kits]

Water – stock water in 500 gallon jugs, along with water purification tablets or common household bleach to purify rainwater in case this runs out. Water is necessary to life, for drinking, cooking and sanitation, so it’s good to have plenty of it.

Food and food storage – canned goods, ready to eat meals in sealed packages, beef jerky, freeze-dried foods, or any other kind of food that can last long when stored are needed if you’re going to live long enough to get help in.

Butane stoves – these handy camping stoves are necessary for boiling water, cooking food and the like. Store lighters or at least a flint rod along with it, as well as extra butane tanks. [Get a new one from Amazon]

Lanterns or lamps – whether it’s kerosene or LED, it’s best to have a lamp that can illuminate a large area. Avoid those that require electricity, because they’ll be useless when the power goes out. Store extra batteries or kerosene, and a smaller LED flashlight.

Weather radio – the wind up, solar versions are the best, as they don’t need electricity to work. You can also pick one that has a phone charger for dual purposes. This is important for monitoring the crisis and for radioing for help. [Available on Amazon]

Multi-tool – it’s better to have one of these rather than just a folding knife. Multi-tools have blades, screwdrivers, wrenches, pliers and whatnot to help you with repairs, basic cutting and slicing, and a wide number of purposes.

Sleeping bag – this is especially useful for those who live in cold weather, and is great for keeping warm during typhoons and hurricanes, and can double as a tent of sorts when propped up. [Amazon has pages and pages of sleeping bags!]

Fire extinguisher – this is for when the house gets struck by lightning or a fire starts somewhere.  [Pick one up now on Amazon]

Sanitation – most people overlook the need to have some sort of disposal for waste, such as the Luggable Loo or any large, covered bucket. This is to keep the waste in one area, which makes it less likely to spread diseases. [Get these basic ones from Amazon]

Firearm – this is a plus as not everyone can own one, but a firearm is highly encouraged for self-defense, hunting small game when it comes to that and overall protection. A 12-gauge pump shotgun is the most reliable for this purpose.

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