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Most Shocking Fighter Jets Crashes Caught On Tape

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This video, from The Joint Forces Channel, is a montage of some of the most violent fighter jet accidents caught by cameras in real time. Some of the footage is old, but in all of them, the jets blow up.

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In the first clip, a jet takes off and flies steadily before abruptly lifting to an almost 45-degree angle upwards. It flies for a while, then like a toy with its batteries depleted, the jet nosedives quickly and rams straight into the ground. In the second, a plane descending to the runway wobbles as it touches down, then suddenly flips from side to side as the pilot appears to be struggling for control, before it rolls off in a burst of flame.

Another clip shows a jet taking off, but is obviously having trouble with the wind as it flaps up and down and crashes before it can even get off the runway. In the next, a jet already on fire skids along the length of the runway before coming to a fiery stop.

There’s a group of fighter jets swooping up and down in what seems to be a demonstration, but an incoming group meets them head on, taking out two or three of the jets in what looks to be a miscalculation. In one more scene, a plane zooms towards some trees and crashes in a huge explosion, but its passengers can be seen parachuting before the plane hits.

A more terrible clip shows a jet attempting to land on a carrier ship, but crashes instead, setting the whole front of the ship on fire. Another plane that’s on fire and nosediving towards a runway pulls up long enough for the passengers to jump out in parachutes, seconds before the plane fully lands in a blazing ball. In yet another, a jet tries to take off from a carrier, but catches fire and drops off the runway into the water instead.

The last clip is shot from another jet as its companion explodes, and the pilots launch out before it drops hundreds of feet below and clearly impacts the ground in a massive spread of fire and debris.

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