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Kahr K9 / K40 “Elite 98” Pistol

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The video is on the Kahr K40 “Elite 98” 40 Caliber Pistol. The K 9 was the first pistol produced by Kahr in 1995 and soon the K40 followed. Kahr makes high quality concealed carry pistols and the K40 is no exception.

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The Kahr company is a high-quality firearm manufacturer in Massachusetts. They have produced a lot of pistol models, and this one is a stainless steel and wood model, though their more current ones are all polymer. There are two magazines, standard 6 rounds plus one, and they make an extended 7 plus one, all of stainless steel. The K series is a single stack magazine model, very thin even with the wood grip. It’s  beautiful-looking weapon.

The model he shows, the Elite 98, an upgrade from the K40. There are some differences, one of which is the construction, but in terms of performance, they are basically the same. It has a nice, polished feed ramp and a beveled magazine well. It has night sights or standard 3 dot sights. It is a double-action only pistol but has a striker, and it is a true hammerless pistol.

The controls are not ambidextrous, the magazine release is similar to the 1911, and there are no external safeties. There are cocking serrations that make it easy to grip. The finish is excellent, everything fits well and there is no resistance in sliding. The grip has a small beavertail area where you can grip higher without having to worry about slide bite. It’s lightweight and compact enough to carry around, and fits well in the hand, making for comfortable shooting.

There is some footage of target practice and a size comparison with the Kahr, a Glock 23. The Kahr is smaller, shorter and would be a great option for those who don’t like Glocks. He shoots some rounds, and shows that they have made a tight group, but one shot always goes down, for some reason.

The grip really sets the pistol off, making it an old-school looking gun. They’re not cheap, running around $800 for the basic K series and a bit more for the Elie models, but Khar pistols are guaranteed good quality. The guns come in matte stainless, polished stainless and blackened stainless.

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