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2015 Gallery of Guns TV Cool To Own – Weatherby Vanguard 70th Anniversary

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The Gallery of Gun “Cool to Own” segment focuses this time on the Weatherby Vanguard 70th Anniversary edition, hosted by Anne-Marie.

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Roy Weatherby was an avid big-game hunter and ballistic experimenter who became the high priest of high velocity with cartridges like the 220 Rocket and the 270 Weatherby Magnum. In 1945, he set up shop to build custom-made rifles chambered in his powerful cartridges. It is now known as one of America’s high-quality makers of high-powered magnum cartridges and weapons.

Weatherby is celebrating 7 decades of fine rifle making this year, with the 70th Anniversary Vanguard. It brings back some of the essence of the original Weatherbys, but updated for modern taste. The AA walnut sock has a high, forward-slanting cheek piece that directs recoil away from your face. The grip cap and forend tip are rosewood with maple spacers.

The steel parts have a high-polished blue that coordinates with the sheen of the high-gloss wood finish. If you’re bored with synthetic stocks and matte finishes, this is your rife. Its hammer-forged barrel is guaranteed to print under one inch or smaller groups at 100 yards when fired with the Weatherby brand or other premium brand ammunition.

Its adjustable trigger comes separate. The three-position safety lock will let you unload through the action with peace of mind. The 70th anniversary edition is offered in two calibers. The 257 Weatherby was Roy Weatherby’s  personal favorite, able to drive an 87 grain bullet at 3,825 feet per second — it gives you the flattest trajectory of any 25-caliber rifle in the world.

The 300 Weatherby is the most popular of the Weatherby Magnums, and can drive 150 grain bullet at 3,540 feet per second. When you need great powered delivered at long distance, you can’t beat the 300 Weatherby, and that makes it cool to own.


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