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A Fantastic New System To Improve Your Shooting!

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Joel from GunGuyTV says people often ask him how to improve handgun shooting accuracy. A new firearms training system from MantisX has helped him learn to shoot better in an easy, fun and inexpensive way. In the video, he goes over the basics of pistol shooting and demonstrates how the MantisX Training System can also help you.

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He says first of all, beyond grip and stance – which a lot of people argue on – there are lot of other fundamentals that are extremely important. The first, he says, would be sight alignment, which is how you line up your front sight with your back sight. Beyond that is sight picture, which is lining up the target with both front and back sights. Then you have sight focus, and you always want to be focused on the front sight when you’re using sights to shoot.

Then there’s breath control, which is when you control your breathing to reduce the arc of movement. The arc of movement is what happens when you’re standing still, holding and pointing the gun at a target, and you’ll notice that you’ll still be moving slightly – like your arms will be shaking – because the human body has plenty going on inside. These tiny movements are called the arc of movement, which can be regulated and reduced with proper breathing.

This leads to hold control, which is holding that sight alignment, sight picture, holding the gun still all the way until you let the gun go off by pressing the trigger. This in turn goes to trigger pressure and trigger control, which is another fundamental. Once you’ve pressed the trigger, there’s something called follow-through, which is doing everything exactly the same way so that you can put the next shot right on top of the first one without anything drastically changing. These are the most basic things to learn in shooting.

The reason he introduced all that is because he’s been teaching people how to shoot for decades, and these are the things that instructors work on to improve their students’ performance. The purpose of learning to shoot, whether for competitions or for home defense, is going to change some of the focus on those fundamentals.

The MantisX system is an outstanding electronic system that helps you work on some of these fundamentals on your own. There are lots of different ways to do this, such as snap caps or dry firing, but this electronic age has come up with some great tools. He says he’s been fiddling with the system and it comes with basically three pieces: a sensor that attaches onto the bottom of the muzzle with an accessory rail, an app for your smartphone, and a little cord to charge the system.

Basically all you do is set it up by attaching the sensor to the accessory rail – he says this is a problem for handguns that don’t have the rails and hopes MantisX comes up with a solution. Download the app and turn the app on, turn the system on, set the gun down for a few seconds so it can calibrate then once you start shooting, the system will tell you before you press the trigger how much movement is happening. The screen will show if you went too high or too low, what you’re doing wrong and so on. This way, you can adjust your hold or your breathing, or whatever else is suggested.

This is all something a firearms instructor does, but with the system, you can do it on your own. The system is not expensive, either. He says what he likes is that it’s very good for dry firing or dry practice, of which he is a proponent. He used it on the range, and while it’s not perfect and a hundred percent accurate, and you can’t expect it to correct everything wrong with your fundamentals – you’ll still need an instructor to fine tune your skills, much like in any other sport – but it’s a good way to learn.

He says he recommends the MantisX for instructors, as he himself will be using them with his students, especially with the younger, more technologically-inclined ones who will be able to verify that what their instructor is saying is correct.



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