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Top 5 Most Reliable Guns

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In this TFB TV video, Alex discusses the top five guns on the market right now that he thinks stand out among their peers as being exceptionally reliable.

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The topic is a tricky one, he says, because if it’s about absolute hell-and-back reliability, then less and less moving parts are better. Basically, the list would be dominated by single-shot rifles like the Rolling Block or Ruger No. 1. So he picked one firearm from each category: handgun, bolt-action, shotgun, submachine gun, and self-loading rifle.

For the handgun, he went with the Glock. According to him, shooting a Glock is like driving a Toyota Camry; Both serve their purpose extremely well and won’t let you down, but he wouldn’t get behind the wheel of a Toyota Camry for recreational purposes. Glocks are simple and easy to use. They’re affordable, no frills pistols that require very little instruction to operate. Thus, their reliability is very good.

For the subgun, he chose the Uzi. The Uzi is incredibly simple and has one moving part: the bolt. Uziel Gal’s creation is one of history’s most enduring subguns and at least some version has been in production since 1950. While the Uzi is not Alex’s favorite SMG, or the most accurate, or the bestselling today (all titles belong to the MP5), it is the most reliable one he has encountered in all his years of handling, owning, and shooting countless SMGs and pistol-caliber carbines.

For the bolt-action, he says that the obvious answer is the Mauser M 98, the most produced and copied gun in history. It’s not just good; it’s the best. The 98 features every little improvement Mauser could think of. Reliability was and is the key to the gun’s overwhelming success.

For the shotgun, his choice is the Remington 870. He prefers the safety and the release lever on the 870. It has never failed him or let him down in any way.

For the self-loading rifle, he pushes for the Galil, an improvement of the AK platform. According to him, Galils work when you want them to and that’s that. In all his years of shooting, he has never seen a Galil malfunction. The Galil has proven reliable time and time again.

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