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DP-12 Shotgun

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In this video, hickock45 presents the DP-12 shotgun. It’s a hefty, scary-looking monster of a gun, which he takes out on the range and he says he’s afraid to shoot it. It’s loaded with slugs and birdshot. He shoots a helium tank, a steel gong, two liter bottles and some cans. Once you pump the gun, you get two quick shots. The power of the DP-12 is obvious, as the slugs just keep punching through the targets effortlessly.

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He says this DP-12 is interesting for a bullpup, and the bottom line is that it’s different, but it’s well-built. It’s heavy, it doesn’t feel gimmicky, and was obviously made by people who know what they’re doing. It’s ambidextrous, bolt and trigger, making it handy. It’s double-barreled, so there’s an in-line approach so it’s like two pump shotguns welded together. It holds 14 rounds. He demonstrates how loading goes, and he says the butt has springs that absorb the recoil, and its weight also helps decrease recoil. He shoots more targets, including a garbage can, pointing out that he has two shots without doing anything.

The gun has some practical value aside, though he thinks the double barrel may be a gimmick of sorts because you’re not really going to need it. The gun will fire the right barrel first then the left barrel, so it’s going to need two clips and two firing pins are going to fall, which makes for a smooth operation overall. You could alternate slug or birdshot in one chamber, so all you have to do is make sure you remember what you put in which barrel if you want to shoot different kinds of ammo in one go.

The DP-12 is not cheap, either. He’s checked on reviews from other people, and he says overall opinion seems to be positive. He loads the gun again, saying that while he doesn’t like the muzzle pointing at his feet, loading is easy. He goes ahead and does some more target shooting to round out the session.

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