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Guns and Trading: An Analogy

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This video from Clay Trader presents an interesting analogy on guns and trading. He says he wants to use guns to talk about something that happens all the time in trading, which is hard to illustrate because of how crazy it is. He says he was trying to think of a way to illustrate this and decided to use an unloaded gun to make his point.

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The first way he thought of doing this video was to load the gun and maybe let his four-year-old daughter hold it. Then he thought viewers would react and as what kind of a psychopath father gives his daughter a loaded gun, and that’s what happens all the time in the market. He says he’s sure that if he did proceed to give his little girl a loaded gun, he would get a lot of hate from viewers and rightly so, because it would be terrible parenting.

But why is it terrible parenting? It’s because she’d have a gun in her hand, and she’s four years old. So he says to equate this to what happens all the time. A gun would be a brokerage account, meaning that getting a gun is easy to access in America, unless you have a criminal record. In the same way, anyone can open a brokerage account.

The gun in itself is like a brokerage account that’s newly opened. People buy a gun and think they know what they’re doing, in the same way people open a brokerage account and assume they’re set to go. Then people buy bullets and start loading the gun, which represents funds and how people begin funding their account.

In the same way that he’d give his daughter a loaded gun, she can’t comprehend what it is to hold a loaded gun, being a child. She might have some idea of what a gun is, but not of what it can actually do. In the same way, people might think because they have an account and they’ve done some online research, that that’s all there is to it, but they can’t comprehend what the whole point of trading is, or how it’s done.

He speaks from experience, as he opened a brokerage account in college then put funds into it, but it did not go very well. This would be the same as giving a kid a gun, he says. This happens all the time in the financial world, in that people kind of understand and know a little bit about trading but jump in anyway.

He says to get educated if you want to make it in trading. In the same way fundamentals like gun safety is important, understanding the basics of trading will minimize damage. Ultimately, he says to ask yourself if you’re a four-year-old with a gun – in short, if you’re ready before you go into trading. In the same way you should not play with firearms, you should also take care not to play with your money. Be careful, be smart and make sure you know what you’re getting into, and everything will turn out fine.



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