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How to make a Mini Cannon that Shoots

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The video from aka Linxy is a demonstration on how to make a mini-cannon that shoots. There are some tips in the captions for those who are interested in making one of these.

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First, she recommends using regular gunpowder, flash powder or armstrongs, but refrain from anything stronger or fast-burning like Explosive Flour. She used a base made of aluminum and a bore made of brass, but any metal will do for this size, as it is not difficult to work with small parts. She also reminds viewers that the cannon is not a toy, and can do damage or harm someone, so it should not be pointed at any living thing.

The materials needed for the project are a U-shaped tube and a metal rod – make sure the rod fits inside the tube. A nut, bolt and washers, a drill bit the size of a fuse, a drill bit the size of the bolt, and a tool for cutting will also be necessary.

To begin, punch a hole through the two sides of the tube and use the drill bit to enlarge the hole. There should be a hole on either side. Cut and file down both ends of the tube so it forms a small triangular piece. Mark a small length of the rod and cut it, and file any sharp edges off. Punch a hole lengthwise through the center of the rod and mark how far the drill bit should go – just around three-fourths of the way.

Then use a toothpick to mark where the bolt hole and the fuse hole should go. Punch a hole crosswise across one end of the rod and drill through. Push a small rod into this hole, making a T. Just in front of it, mark a small hole and drill on one side only using the small drill bit. Polish and sand the whole thing – this is the body of the cannon.

Attach the cannon to the triangular piece using a bolt and washer, and that’s it. Use a small piece of nail and a small amount of gunpowder, some wadding and a fuse to fire the cannon.

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