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The Kimber Solo – Struggles With This 9mm

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In this episode of TFB TV, James tells us about his first TFB TV video, which never aired for unknown reasons. He talks about his struggles with his Kimber Solo in 9mm.

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In summary, the single stack pistol shares virtually the same footprint as the Kahr PM9 and CM9 series, which is what James prefers to carry day-to-day. The primary differences would be the ambidextrous safety, ambidextrous magazine release, aluminum frame, significant dehorning, really good low profile sights — all of which could help justify why the Solo costs twice as much as the Kahr.

James was very excited about using the gun, but when he went to shoot the Solo, he couldn’t make it through one magazine without encountering a failure. He was disappointed, but he didn’t immediately give up on it. He took it to the range a few more times over the next year, but experienced the same thing: unreliable feeding. So he called Kimber, which has great customer service, and sent the gun back to them in July 2014. He got the Solo back a little bit after that. He hasn’t shot it since he got it back in July 2014.

It’s a year later when he decides to make the video and test if Kimber really fixed the gun. He went to the range to try shooting 3 different grains of 9mm ammo. He kept experiencing failure to feed using the first round, so he decided to switch grains. Unfortunately, he didn’t get to shoot much before the gun malfunctioned again, in a worse way. There was a live round in the chamber, but the gun did not click and there was no tension whatsoever in the trigger. He took it apart to see what was wrong, but couldn’t figure it out. He decided to just take it back to the factory.

In conclusion, James says that it’s almost like Kimber took this great concept and awesome design, but just didn’t make it marketable or complete it. A lot of people didn’t get functioning Solos out of the box and the issues are pretty well-documented. Kimber has since made design changes to the Solo range.

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