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Airsoft MP7 vs iPhone 7 Plus

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The video from FullMag pits an Airsoft MP7against an iPhone 7 Plus in yet another crazy shooting experiment using Apple products. It shows an iPhone 7 Plus placed upright on a wooden beam, held in place with screws. The shooter aims the Airsoft and fires, riddling the phone with pellets and pockmarks. In slow motion, the screen is shown receiving dents, but in all fairness to Apple, the screen does not completely shatter or break off, neither does the phone fall off the stand.

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The Airsoft MP7 by H&K is made from high-strength polymer, and comes with a adjustable stock, integrated tactical rails, flip-up front and rear sights, a vertical grip and a battery and charger. It fires in both semi-automatic and full-auto modes, and has a magazine capacity of 180 rounds.

Airsoft guns use spherical, non-metallic pellets and are replicas of real weapons. These are commonly used in recreational activities or in sporting events. Airsoft has been compared to paintball, but it has a few differences. Most airsoft guns are magazine-fed, and some pistols have canisters that replicate real guns much more closely. Also, airsoft pellets do not mark targets when hit, though they may occasionally leave red marks or welts.

The first airsoft guns were in the form of pistols sold in Japan in the 1980s. Originally meant for target shooting, these bullets could also hit humans without causing injury, making them a favorite for casual war games. Their popularity soon spread to the UK through a company called LS, and more manufacturers picked up on the trend, allowing airsoft guns to be sold worldwide. Since the end of the 1980s, airsoft guns were adapted to be purely recreational in application, enjoyed by all ages.

Airsoft guns are popular in military simulation exercises, law enforcement training drills, historical reenactments and other activities that require real-looking guns, but need to err on the safe side.

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