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Can You Paddle a Boat with Bullets?

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Matt from Demolition Ranch, king of wild and wacky YouTube shooting experiments, attempts yet another outrageous scenario in this video – he wants to demonstrate how much recoil from bullets will actually paddle or move a kayak.

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He has a kayak waiting, and says what if you’re out in the wilderness and your paddle breaks, it could become a survival situation. All you have is a gun, so how are you going to get to shore? He invokes Newton’s Third Law of Motion: with every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. This means when he fires a bullet, he says, the gun kicks back, which kicks him back, which in turn should kick the kayak he’s sitting on back.

He pans over the creek, which has relatively still waters, and points out where he’ll be firing at on the bank, and the direction he’s aiming for. He starts with a 9mm, sits in the kayak, balances and fires the whole magazine. He actually cruises backwards for a bit, but doesn’t reach the other side.

Matt then tries a 44 Magnum. Two shots has him moving pretty well, and 6 shots push him back as fast as the whole 9mm magazine did. He tries a 3030, and gets a big backwards kick with just the first shot. He gets more movement with all the rounds fired. Then he moves on to a 4570 government, which he says is used to hunt elephants. With all the rounds on that one fired, he moves the farthest across the creek.

Then he switches to the 338 Lapua Magnum out of his Armalite. He thinks it will do less, because the Armalite has an insane muzzle break, which might deter the force. He is probably the only person to have ever fired an Armalite while sitting in a kayak on a shallow creek. He moves pretty quickly as he fires, setting the new record for distance.

He brings out the big gun, quite literally: the 50BMG. It sets the distance record, of course. Then he wants to try how fast and far rapid firing will move the kayak, so he takes the AK-47 and fires 60 rounds in succession, which amazingly enough, carries him across to the other side of the creek.

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