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Blowing Up Our Taxi

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This video by DemolitionRanch features footage of the host and his friends blowing up an old yellow taxi cab. They use 50 pounds of binary X explosives to blow up the vehicle in a range in Las Vegas. They shoot the explosives using a Barrett M107A1.

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A binary explosive is a type of explosive that is made from two components. Neither of the components is an explosive itself, that is why the two must be mixed together in order to become an explosive.

The most common examples of binary explosives include Tannerite (which is ammonium nitrate mixed with aluminium), Kinestik (which is ammonium nitrate mixed with nitro methane), Oxyliquit (which is liquid oxygen and combustible powder) and FIXOR (which is combination of nitroethane and a physical sensitizer).

Binary explosives are often utilized in commercial applications, because these materials offer greater handling safety.

The Barrett M107A1 is a semi-automatic, centrefire rifle that is chambered for the .50 BMG. The barrel length of the rifle is 29 inches and its overall length is 57 inches. The barrel is chrome-lined. The Barrett M107A1 weighs 29 pounds and has a 10-round magazine capacity. It is also designed to accept side mounted accessory rails.

The Barrett M107A1 high-performance rifle that weighs four pounds less than Barrett’s original M107, but is every bit as tough. Its steel four-port muzzle brake is engineered to work seamlessly with a quick-attach Barrett .50 BMG Suppressor. The rifle’s lightweight aluminium upper receiver features an integrated, rigid 27 MOA optics rail. Inside the upper receiver, the bolt carrier rides on a hardened steel. It even has anti-wear strip for added durability. The Barrett M107A1 also features a thermal-guard cheek piece protects the shooter’s face from extreme heat or cold.

Other features of the Barrett M107A1 include a removable monopod, a Suppressor-Ready Muzzle Brake, a Lightweight Titanium Bipod with Modular Feet, and a Modular Hand-Grip Mounted on M1913 Rail.

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