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MMA Fighter Joe Harding brutally knocked out while SHOWBOATING

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MMA Joe Harding gets a serious beating while showboating in this video from MMA Reel that took place during the British Challenge Mixed Martial Arts Events 18 in Colchester, England.

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Here, Harding can be seen taunting and showing off to opponent Johan Segas before the amateur fighter suddenly takes the window of opportunity presented by Harding’s dancing to take him down with a brutal head kick.

The blow sends Harding down to the canvas, and Segas launches into a series of blows before the referee pulls him off. He then proceeds to pump his fists in victory and launches himself up the ring in triumph.

The move was an imitation of Cody Garbrandt’s, another fighter who got away with dancing during his bantamweight championship against Dominick Cruz, which Garbrandt won. Prior to his getting knocked out, Harding had already spent the better part of two rounds doing the same – dancing and showboating to get a rise out of Segas. Others have likened Harding’s dancing to the “Ali shuffle” – moves that famous boxer Muhammad Ali used to perform during his boxing bouts.

The term “showboating” is slang for a person who behaves or performs in ways that are meant to attract the attention of people, whether good or bad. It is a common enough practice among wrestlers, street fighters and mixed martial arts contestants who use such tactics as a form of insulting their opponents. In Harding’s case, his attempts failed miserably.

Mixed martial arts or MMA is a full-contact combat sport that allows grappling and striking, along with other techniques taken from martial arts and sports. The fighting style was originally promoted as a content for those practicing different fighting styles to find out which was the most effective among them, hence the lack of rules. Later on, additional rules were added by MMA promoters to increase competitor’s safety and comply with general sport regulations.


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