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Why Do You Need a 50cal?!?! ….. or 3?

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Matt from Demolition Ranch points out why everyone needs three .50 BMGs in their personal arsenal. He says the video is long overdue, because viewers have been requesting a comparison of them all for some time now.

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The guns are: a Serbu BFG-50A, a Barrett M82A1 and a Barrett M107A1. The middle one, the big Barrett, is the one he’s been using on the channel for a really long time – he has old videos where he’s used just this gun. Then he got the Serbu, which he began sticking to it, and the most recent purchase is the smaller Barrett.

The M82A1 is being used by the military extensively. It takes a box mag holding 10 rounds, has a big bolt that comes back, a giant muzzle break which does a pretty good job of repressing a kick when fired, and it just looks awesome. Matt says it doesn’t feel great to shoot, but you won’t end up with a sore shoulder the next day because of how it’s designed. It has a 29-inch barrel, so it’s monstrous – he demonstrates how big it is. The problem with shooting such a large gun though, is that it’s bulky and heavy, so carrying it around is really tiring. It weighs 32.7 lbs.

The Serbu is much lighter at 25 lbs., which is why he starts using it almost exclusively on the channel. It has an angled muzzle break, it kicks a little bit less than the Barrett, and uses a direct gas impingement system – similar to an AR-15. One major difference in operation is that the Barretts are hard to pull back with some stiffness, but the Serbu is smooth and easy when pulled back. It also takes a box mag with 10 rounds.

The triggers on both are similar, and are not precision-type kinds. The Barrett has a full rail and flip-up iron sights, while the Serbu has a smaller rail. They both come apart easily, and Matt demonstrates the differences, especially in the size of the recoil spring and the barrel operations.

He moves to the smaller, newer M107A1. Matt says he bought one when he didn’t it because he just really wanted it. The main thing for him was that this Barrett is lighter by around five lbs., because some steel pieces in the old model were exchanged for titanium and aluminum. Also, the M107 has a shorter barrel, but there is a longer barrel available. The muzzle break is very different, too, so there’s less of a kick, and there’s no pain or discomfort. This new one does everything the big Barrett does, but is lighter and easier to shoot and carry, which is why it’s his new favorite.

The thing about .50 BMGs is that they’re ridiculously expensive, Matt says. Add in semi-automatics, and the price shoots up even more – practically the price of a car. The Serbu is the cheapest among these, and can do everything the Barretts can do.

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