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Matt from Demolition Ranch excitedly shows off his new toy: a flamethrower, specifically the ION Productions XM 42. It’s the world’s first hand-held flamethrower – and his. He says he’s done a video on a flamethrower before and it scared him, because burning to death is one of his greatest fears.

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This one throws a big flame, but is less scary. He shows off how it works: there’s a tank where the fuel is put in (he uses gasoline), a butane canister that keeps the flame up front, and a torch where the flame comes out. He turns the XM 42 on to demonstrate.

Matt proceeds to shoot the flamethrower around the ranch, cutting swaths of fire through some grass and sparking small flames on the ground. He runs out of gas quickly, so he estimates it to be a 30-second stream.

One thing he has always wanted to do with fire is to throw bullets at a campfire to see if they’ll explode. But a better idea, he says, is to put bullets in the path of a flamethrower and see what happens. He built a platform for the experiment, but since night has fallen, he does some slow motion flame throwing instead.

The next day, he goes out and shows what he built: a 458 SOCOM inside a small hut of concrete blocks, with a small opening that’s just enough for a stream of fire to go in. He stands at a distance and reminds viewers that when bullets go off outside a bullet, there is less power. There is some wind, which might be a bad thing because wind and fire don’t go well together.

Matt then directs the stream of fire at the concrete blocks, and nothing explosive happens. He lets the whole thing cool down for around 15 minutes, then goes to check. The blocks are blackened, and so is the bullet, but it didn’t ignite. He says it probably wasn’t hot enough.

So, he proceeds to burn a wasp’s nest attached to an old plastic chair. The whole chair melts, presumably with the wasp’s nest in it. He also gives his wife a turn playing with the flamethrower.

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