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YouTube Gun Channels Are In Danger

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Patrick of TFB TV addresses the recent YouTube controversy regarding ads pulling out, and how it affects YouTube video creators – particularly gun video channels. He says he was initially going to make a video on the Remington MSR, but an incident happened that brought a more important issue to the forefront.

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YouTube has classified all gun-related videos as restricted, which means that they are no longer eligible for monetization. He points out that the money they get from Google is used to defray the costs of producing quality content.

Smaller channels are going to suffer greatly from this setback, meaning those guys who are making videos in order to make a small amount of money will either reduce their content or stop producing videos altogether.

Patrick says that right now, no one is sure what will happen – this could continue, or it could be lifted. But what they know at TFB TV is that they want to take some of the power away from YouTube. They want to continue making quality videos at the volume and level that they have. In order to keep doing that, he asks viewers to donate a dollar or two at a separate website.

He clarifies the issue further, for those who think this is a mere money-grab, saying that time, equipment, ammunition, range fees and so on add up quickly. They have sponsors to help them out, because ad revenue was not covering their costs.

Patrick says that they want to stop relying on YouTube ads, and adds that they believe in unbiased reviews, so they won’t be taking money from manufacturers (like some gun channels are already doing and might start doing now).

Another thing they’re looking at to cover costs is to sell merchandise, like t-shirts and shorts, and so on. Patrick thanks everyone who has been supporting the channel, and hopes that things will normalize soon.


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