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22plinkster discusses the future of his channel in this video. He begins by asking himself where he’s been, as he has not uploaded anything on his channel for quite a while now. He assured viewers that he is fine, though he is recovering from a respiratory infection from traveling so much.

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Viewers know that he has been doing these gun videos for over a year and a half now, and it has become his job. That requires a lot of traveling, and he has been to eight different states in the past 45 days, so he has been uploading to another channel that features hunting and fishing.

A lot has happened with YouTube since he last uploaded. Behind him, there’s a little piece of his gun room, as he’s almost done renovating his house. He has been really busy, and in the meantime, YouTube has changed for content creators. Have the changes affected him? Yes, they have, big time. His YouTube earning are down about 90% now, since the ad pullout.

He’s been getting a lot of messages about people who want to support the channel on Patreon, and he says he’s grateful, but since YouTube is not his primary source of income, he doesn’t feel right asking people to donate to him.

The content is going to change a little bit – he’s going to go back to trick shots, since they’re easier and cheaper to do. He spends as much as $300 whenever he makes a video, so that will shift focus. He’ll also be doing a lot of gun reviews, both rimfire and centerfire. He explains that he won’t be doing as many videos that require expensive props now.

He’s asking those who want to give him money to reconsider, and donate to the guys at herohuntinc or the Military Arms Channel, since they get their income from YouTube. He thanks the people who have supported him over the years.

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