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The Raging Hornet is Giant!

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In this episode of Demolition Ranch, Matt presents some new guns he brought: a Taurus Raging Bull .44 Magnum and a huge Taurus Raging Hornet.

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The difference between the Raging Bull and the Hornet is the barrel length, the Hornet’s being four inches longer. The former is a six shot, and the latter is an eight shot revolver. The Raging Hornet is chambered in .22 Hornet, which he’s never heard of. Matt explains what it is – it’s longer than the .22 long rifle, but is the same size and is a center-fire bullet. He also discusses the speed and weight of the various .22 bullets.

The reason the Hornet has such a long barrel is because there’s more powder in the .22 Hornet rounds, because these rounds are made for speed. This is his first time holding and firing both Hornet and .22 Hornet, he says. Matt fires a test shot, and finds there’s not much kick at all. He tries a .22 long rifle for comparison, and the .22 Hornet shows a larger dent and splatter pattern. He goes ahead and keeps shooting rounds at soda cans to check performance, and tests penetration using milk jugs filled with water, lined up in a row.

Matt then checks on the milk jugs to compare results, and looks for the bullet fragments. Of course, the .22 Hornet performed better than the .22 long rifle did. There’s also a rock that he tries to shoot, and the .22 Hornet successfully breaks the rock. He says the round is often used for hunting, even for predators like coyotes and bobcats.

He takes out some rubber animals to shoot (an iguana, a frog and a lizard), using both the .22 long rifle and the .22 Hornet. He smashes all of them with a few rounds, and says that he can now be sure the Raging Hornet can kill both amphibians and reptiles.

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