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Greener Harpoon Gun – Yes, the One From Jaws

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In this special video, Ian presents the weapon most commonly associated with the infamous 1975 movie, “Jaws:” the Greener Martini action built into a “Light Harpoon Gun” by Webley & Scott in the UK, and imported by Navy Arms into the US. This was legitimately made to be a hunting weapon, not just a prop, though it gained notoriety by appearing in the thriller film about a deadly shark.

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Ian says harpoon may be a bit of an exaggeration, as it’s more of a spearfishing kind of weapon. The gun was originally intended to shoot large fish, like tuna, from an overhang on the bow of a fishing boat. The spear end is like a one-pound dart with a wire tie that connects to a rope.

It has an effective range of 30 meters, and the line attached to the harpoon can reel in 300 pounds, with stronger lines able to hold as much as 1200 pounds. A blank .38 cartridge is used to fire the weapon, and the harpoon has two large folding hooks that anchor to a fish after it is hit.

The gun is Greener action, which can be found on Greener police guns. It’s a single shot with an automatic safety, with a removable front end so that it can be disassembled easily. Ian demonstrates how the whole thing works and operates, and how the rope and the frame function. A mechanical winch can be used to reel in the fish, or manual strength.

It’s similar to a grenade launcher in recoil, which is why it has a rubber butt pad. The whole harpoon weighs around eight pounds. The gun is supposedly remarkably accurate. It was shipped in a case, complete with everything: cleaning rods, cleaning kit, the gun, three harpoons, six lines, two line frames. Greener made sure the gun would stand up to a marine, saltwater environment.

Ian notes that in the movie, the gun was actually assembled and used properly, which he was surprised to find out when he handled the weapon himself.

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