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A Symbol of Status: Pakistani Krinkov AK

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This episode of TFB TV is the final installment featuring the handmade wonders of the gunmaking village of Darra Adam Khel. To finish the series, Miles provides an in-depth examination of the Krinkov patterned Kalashnikovs produced in the village.

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Some of them display an excellent resemblance to the original AKS74Us. However, others leave much to be desired. The final Krinkov was very ornately designed in regards to the plastic furniture and the finish on the outside metal. The primary importance of these very short Kalashnikovs is that they reportedly serve as a status symbol among Afghans, Pakistanis, and numerous other countries in Central Asia and the MENA Region.

For the first gun, which looks spray painted, the stock system and the bolt and clamp device aren’t very good. The stock system is very wobbly and doesn’t lock half the time. It’s not very well-made and has dents on the side. The bolt and the clamp area are very atrocious.

The next gun is a Draco style Krink in that it uses a traditional Kalashnikov rear sight. The compensator is right next to the front sight post. Whatever gunsmith made this didn’t get the stock right. It’s rudimentary and very simple. The dimensions and contours aren’t right and leaves a lot to be desired. Looking at the safety and the bolt, the firearm is functional, and can be automatic or semiautomatic. The safety bar is a little bent and everything inside the muzzle are pretty close together. It’s chambered in 7.62x39mm because the cartridge is more popular and available there.

Finally, the third Krinkov is an ornately designed one that was probably made as a gift. The outer finish is well-done. It has a Galil-style charging handle. It seems to be made out of polymer composite material. The safety, charging handle, and bolt are functional. The stock folds in and locks on the right side. It also has an interesting shoulder piece mechanism.

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