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Counterfeit or Copy? The Infamous Darra Handguns

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TFB TV has been doing a series on the Pashtun gun-making village of Dharra Adam Khel in the FATA region in Pakistan. Here, the gunsmiths are incredibly talented, making almost exact replicas of various guns around the world, from well-known brands, and making them by hand.

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In this episode, Miles examines and discusses some of the handgun copies that have come out of this industry, including a Makarov and Beretta. There is also an odd Martini Henry that has since been deactivated. The guys note that these firearms are so well-made that even the most enthusiastic gun owners would have a hard time distinguishing which one is the real deal, and which is the copy.

In addition, the way these guns are made is impressive – by hand, without the modern tools and equipment that firearm manufacturers have at their disposal, and by people who have had little formal education but are very talented and skilled.

Miles shows real and copied Makarovs and Berettas side-by-side, and asks viewers if they can immediately identify which one is the legitimate gun.

He says this brings up an interesting point, because these copies are actually not fake – they’re real firearms that are properly designed and function well. On the other hand, they are replicas. Counterfeits are those that are made with the intent to sell them as the real ones, but these are unashamedly copies that people know are from Darra when they buy them. So it opens up a whole can of worms.

He adds that while there are copies made around the world, he thinks these take the cake for accuracy and craftsmanship, especially given the conditions they are made in. Miles then compares the Darra version versus the original ones, pointing out the differences between them. He also explains a bit on Pakistani laws and regulations regarding guns.

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