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Top 5 Fun Guns Just Because

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Eric and Chad discuss five guns that they picked just because they’re fun to shoot – these are guns that they’ve set up or built a certain way just for the fun of it, and because they can. There’s the SB2 10-gauge, cut down to 18 inches. It’s lightweight and has no sights, just look down the pipe and shoot. Chad says he doesn’t know what’s more fun: firing this thing and watching things blow up, or watching other people cringe. The barrel is huge, and really makes an impression when fired.

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Next is the M92, one of the early ones that Eric has done some revisions on. It’s neat to shoot and is very interesting, an AK with a 10.5-inch barrel. It has iron sights, and it turns heads at the range. The stock folds well, too. Then there’s the CMMG AR22 that Chad built. It’s just silly and crazy, and he loves playing with it. It can also go through the paces because he uses it all the time.

Then there’s the Ruger .22 that was a good pawnshop find for Chad. They did a video on it before. It has a nice, clean look to it though the magazines are hard to find. Eric has the Norwegian green SBR that is a monster of a gun. They cobbled it together and put accessories on it, and though it’s rather ugly, it is a curiosity and it does work.

Chad also has the SBR Henry that started out as a pistol with a little cut-down stock, like a hand grip sold as a pistol. He replaced the Buckhorn sights with Skinner Express ones, and it has an old-school look to it. It can really smack down targets, and everyone will want to shoot it at the range.

There is the Glock 17 Gen 3 with a tactical brace on it – a stock adapter that works on any Glock. The ultimate fun is to have a pistol with a brace on it, making it very functional.

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