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Lost Arts: Arrows From Shotguns?

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Eric is presenting this episode of “Lost Arts” with a literal bang, using something his grandfather used to do a long time ago: launching an arrow out of a shotgun. One is an old-school Sears and Roebuck bolt-action .410 shotgun with a crossbow bolt with a broadhead on it, and a Venturi wingshot smooth-bore air rifle. The company actually designed an arrow that would shoot out of this gun.

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He explains how the guns are going to shoot. The air rifle is pretty simple, basically just load and enough air will push the arrow out. The powder-burner is a bit more complicated, needing a bird load that is cut open with the shot dumped out. Some .44 Magnum felt wads are stuffed in the empty shell so that the arrow doesn’t break apart when fired. The fletchings won’t fit inside the barrel so Eric cuts them out.

There’s a set-up that includes an Oehler chronograph to record the arrows’ movements, and a watermelon as the target. He stats with the shotgun, sticking the arrow down the barrel and loading the empty shell. He fires, and the arrow smashes and knocks the watermelon off the table. Eric is surprised at the reading: 1356 fps. In slow motion, the arrow broke apart so he guesses that the charge may have been a little too hot.

The wingshot is next, with another watermelon. He fires and the arrow breaks the melon but it stays on the table. No reading came out, so they try a few more with more watermelons. They finally get a reading of 500 fps, but they want consistency so Eric tries to downgrade the .410 to a similar speed to clock the power the arrows punch. He explains what he did to get the speed and velocity down, and succeeds at getting 522 fps for the .410.

With the same velocity, the results of the .410 is pretty similar to that of the wingshot, according to the damage to the watermelons. Overall, it was a fun, new kind of experiment!

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