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Why This Gun Could Change Everything…

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Before he starts, Matt shows off the merchandise they have on Demolition Ranch — shirts, caps and a brand-new rubber patch yo can velcro onto anything. Featured in this episode is the Maxim 9, an integrally suppressed pistol that he showed in the last video.

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What makes this gun so awesome? First, it’s made by SilencerCo, which up until this point, only made silencers. In integrally suppressed guns, the barrel acts as the suppressor. There have been some that have come out in the past few years, but nothing that was really mainstream, until the Maxim 9. This 9mm takes Glock 17 magazines, which are the most commonly found magazines. Even better, it can accept the Glock 18 magazines, which carry 32 rounds.

Matt compares what a regular-sized pistol looks like next to the Maxim 9. There are vertical lines on the barrel, which show that the barrel can actually be shortened to various lengths, only it will make the gun louder. For a suppressed 9mm, this is actually a small gun, because placing any kind of suppressor on a regular gun would make it bigger than the Maxim 9. There’s a place to put a red-dot sight, and night sights.

The Maxim 9 is very reliable, and to prove it, Matt shoots some subsonics and super sonic rounds out of it. He explains the difference between the two, and what he’s going to do. The supersonic rounds were still loud and hut his ears a bit, but the subsonic one was way quieter. He moves to testing firepower. He has 12 milk jugs lined up in rows of 6 each and he fired at them, but the camera did not record it.

Matt shows the aftermath. The supersonic went through all six jugs, and the subsonic went through five. Both rounds smashed the first few jugs fairly easily. There’s a clear ballistics gel dummy, which he shoots at next. Then he places some thick fiber pads on top of the dummy to see what happens, and the subsonics went through. He fires again, and the results are quite surprising. He also explains how suppressors work, and how rounds get progressively quieter as the gun is fired successively.

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