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5 Best Guns of SHOT Show 2018

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James just got back from SHOT Show 2018, which kicked ass, especially compared to other past shows. Here’s the top five guns of the show, in his personal opinion.

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Number five is the Arsenal RS1 — a knife gun. It’s controversial for many reasons, the first being its $2500 price tag. This weapons has been around since maybe 2014, so it’s no longer that big a novelty, but the big announcement is that this is the last time Arsenal is rolling this out. It’s an ingenious design that fuses two weapons in one package — a 22-caliber revolver and wicked-looking blade, making it twice as deadly, though not exactly the most convenient item to own.

Fourth on the list is the Hudson H9A — an upgrade from last year. Last year’s most popular video was on the Hudson H9. The H9 is like a 1911 with a lowered recoil assembly, making it look something like a Star Trek space gun or something. The H9A is what the H9 should have been, James says, with a different, more streamlined design compared to its brick-like predecessor.

Number three for James is one of the most viewed videos on TFB TV for this year: the IWI TS12 shotgun, or what people are calling the Tavor shotgun. It’s an auto-loading shotgun with three cylindrical revolving tubes. This shotgun has a 15+1 capacity, and the first time he’s seen something like this from a big company, albeit others have come up with similar concepts in the past.

In second place is the PTR PT9, the closest clone James has seen to the HK MP5 (this was the year of the MP5s on SHOT Show, he says). The parts are interchangeable, and is a hundred percent made in the United States. It maintains the same excellent quality PTS is known for, and this is probably the first time there is a top-quality HK-faithful gun.

Taking the number one spot is SIG P365, which James had such a hard time admitting, being a huge Glock fan. SIG was able to make this almost as small as a single-stack 9mm, very lightweight, carrying 10+1 rounds — same as the Glock 26. They engineered the magazine to make it happen and built the gun around it, and has one of the best triggers he’s tried on a concealed carry.

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