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Humvee Tug Of War!!!!!

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For this episode of OffTheRanch, Matt’s brother Mark convinced him to do a car tug of war, Humvee versus Cummins Turbo Diesel. To set expectations, Matt showed a few clips of other people doing a tug of war with cars, which all seemed to end in failure and destruction.

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Matt expressed that the tug of war may not be the smartest thing in the world to do, but it’s still a fun idea, even though his Humvee will be going up against a big turbo-charged diesel engine, a tuned powerhouse with two and a half times the horsepower of his truck. It’s a good thing that the Humvee has some good traction, so it might stand a chance. The brothers were worried that one of them might destroy the other’s truck, but they decided to give it their all anyway to put on a good show.

Mark’s truck weighs more, giving it an advantage over Mark’s Humvee, which is lighter by design. It has a fiber glass hood and aluminum body and its one advantage is its tires. The brothers decided to go on full-drive in dirt to minimize casualties and the trucks were tied bumper to bumper, back to back.

Once the drones were in the air and the cameras were rolling, they went on high four-wheel drive to test the waters. The engines revved, but the cars didn’t move. Next, they tried to give it their all, but the trucks still didn’t budge against each other. The tires weren’t even spinning. Lastly, they went into low gear and all four wheels of both trucks spun, but again, neither truck budged an inch.

They concluded that both cars are equally great, which is why nobody won or lost. Matt explained that what they usually do at car tug of wars is that they put weight in the trucks because more power and traction means more movement. To make up for the uneventful battle, Mark gave the viewers a little burn out show using his Cummins Turbo truck.

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